Seva, Disaster Aid & 2nd Gen Committee

dātavyam iti yad dānaṁ
dīyate ‘nupakāriṇe
deśe kāle ca pātre ca
tad dānaṁ sāttvikaṁ smṛtam

Service which is given without consideration of anything in return, at the right place and time to one that is qualified, with the feeling that it is one’s duty, is regarded as the nature of goodness. – Bhagavad Gita 17.20

As per the verse of Gita, this committee brings together Hindu Temple volunteers and like-minded individuals from all faiths in doing charitable service as one’s duty, focused on people who are in need in local and global communities, promptly when the need is evident. Most notably, these initiatives are led by the generation of young Hindu Americans who were born and raised in the United States. Some of our recent contributions include:

  1. Financial, food, clothing donations to communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy – Oct 2012
  2. Letter of condolence and support to families impacted by deadly shooting of children in Sandy Hook Elementary School – Dec 2012
  3. Financial donation to people impacted by Oklahoma tornado disaster – May 2013
  4. Financial donation to people impacted by Uttarakhand Floods in Himalayas – June 2013

Please participate and support these initiatives, as charitable service is one’s duty.

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