Senior Center Activities

  1.  Yoga and PranayamaThe Senior program offers Yoga and Pranayama lessons led by experienced teachers, at a level suitable for our senior participants. These sessions have shown to gradually improve physical flexibility and enhance breathing amongst those who consistently take part.

    Session Timings: Tues Wed Thurs 10:00-11:00AM

  2. Bhagavat Geetha StudyThe Senior Program offers an intense study of the Bhagavat Geetha by reviewing the text and deriving interpretations in a study circle format. The sessions are further enhanced with input from scholarly individuals who explain and promote discussions of stories that are applicable to one’s life.

    Session Timings: Tues Time study of Bhagavat Geetha conducted in HINDI.

    Wed Timestudy of Bhagavat Geetha conducted in ENGLISH.

  3. BhajansThe Senior Program offers a session on Bhajan singing led by experienced music teachers. The group is taught Bhajans from various Indian languages, which are then sung during different festivals at the Temple. This class does not require any previous vocal training.

    Session Timings: Wed 2:00-2:45PM

  4. Mantra ChantingThe Senior Program offers a session on Veda Mantra chanting taught by the Temple priests, with special emphasis on appropriate pronunciation and meters. Upon learning, the seniors are able to chant along during pertinent occasions at the Temple.

    Session Timings: Thurs Time?

  5. Board GamesThe Senior Program has experienced individuals facilitate fun; mentally stimulating activities such as games of Carom, Chess, Cards etc. These games are designed to sharpen our cognition and keep our minds active, all while enjoying some friendly competition.

    Session Timings: Tues Thurs Time?

  6. Health LecturesThe Senior program offers lectures and workshops on health related topics as well as other topics of interest such as financial planning, etc. These are announced earlier so as to encourage more seniors to participate. Such lectures are also offered on weekends.

    Session Timings: Variable?

  7. Hindu Temple ChoirThe Temple Outreach Program offers a 2 hour session of devotional group singing in the form of a choir. The choir is directed by talented musicians who offer voice training and technical notes on how to sing in unison. The program is not limited to seniors; all adults are welcome to take part. The participants often gather to sing as a group at various Temple functions.

    Session Timings: Sun Time?

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