Interfaith & Special Programs Committee

The work of this committee is closely related to, and in several cases is also performed by individuals from various other sub committees such as Seva, Youth, Senior, Community Relations etc.

The types of Interfaith activities that have taken place under the auspices of this committee so far have been as follows:

  1. Accept invitations from other Faith organizations and academic institutions to speak about Hinduism.
  2. Have staff/volunteers give tours of our Temple to individuals and various student groups seeking to acquire more knowledge on Hindusim.
  3. Give interviews about Hinduism and our Temple to appropriate individuals and organizations.
  4. Attend interfaith conferences organized by the Interfaith Center of New York.
  5. Participate in various interfaith and inter-cultural activities, often in the form of doing walks or attending festivals of other ethnic groups in a show of cooperation among the diverse communities that live in Flushing.
  6. Prepare our youth for participation in debates that take place as part of a program spearheaded by the Interfaith Center of New York and International Debate Association.

As part of special programs, the Temple participates in the following:

  1. Once a month, the Temple sponsors Soup Kitchen events organized by the local Unitarian Church. This collaboration promotes a meaningful Community Relations initiative, as it draws the participation of several families and youth from the Temple.
  2. For the first time in 2012, the Temple took part in a Cancer Walk organized by the American Cancer Society and managed to exceed the goals set for both number of walkers and amounts pledged to the ACS. The Temple will likely show continued annual participation in this walk.
  3. The Temple helps organize educational seminars focused on Health Awareness, Legal Issues and Financial Matters that are relevant to seniors, young parents and working professionals.
  4. An annual picnic is held every summer to bring together families from the Temple and around our community, for a day of relaxed merriment.
  5. The Temple also collaborates with institutions such as:
    • The North South Foundation- organizes the “bee” competition for school children
    • Samskrita Bharati- teaches Sanskrit to children and adults and also organizes Shloka Recitation competitions for children 5 to 18 years of age.

The activities of this group are diverse just like the people involved. Interested individuals should contact the Temple and become a part of the fulfilling and rewarding programs noted above.

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