Health and Wellness

This committee’s mission is to be proactive in educating the community about the importance of good health, while also giving them the opportunity to do annual health check-ups. The very popular Annual Health Fair is the most important event organized under the auspices of this committee. Several physicians with specialties in Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, etc. participate in the Health Fair as volunteers. ECGs, blood tests, mammographies, eye examinations, and other vital health examinations are performed free of cost to all the registrants of the Fair. Nutritionists, health insurance groups and medical lab representatives are also present to offer their help and expertise where needed.

In addition to the Fair, this committee organizes Health workshops, seminars and lectures on nutrition and prevalent health afflictions such as Diabetes and Arthritis. This committee also uses the workshop opportunity to tout the merits of Yoga, Prãnayãmã and Ãyurveda and the various ways in which these practices benefit our health.

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