About US


Our Temple’s Outreach activities, from its modest beginnings, have evolved over time. The approach has been, and continues to be,  and methodical. The needs expressed by the devotees and the assessment of the need in the larger American society, combined with the temple’s own capabilities to commit the volunteer and other resources drive the initiatives. Therefore, the activities are prioritized carefully to see that they are effective and consistent with the mission of the Temple.

The major areas of our Outreach efforts continue to be Cultural, Senior, Youth, Education, Health, Interfaith and other community matters. It is gratifying to the volunteers to see the Temple having a greater presence in the community and being recognized for it.

There are numerous examples of these activities which help the participants enjoy and enrich their lives. Volunteers have enthusiastically participated in environmental matters such as working at the Temple garden assigned specifically for this purpose. There is also routine collaborations with the Queens Botanical Garden celebrating for example Earth Day along with the HOLI festival, raising environmental awareness while welcoming the Spring season.

Volunteers also attend various community meetings representing the Temple and routinely share information.. This also extends to various Interfaith activities addressing social justice issues, Interfaith Walk with participants from other faiths and so on. These are in addition to hosting some 50 to 75 student and other groups each year for Temple tours. Our volunteers continue to attend other meetings organized by Faith based institutions.

Health professionals are invited to make presentations to our devotees. Health Workshops are conducted successfully. The annual Health Fair organized by the Temple brings together some of the best health professionals so that the temple devotees and other community members can benefit from the various free diagnostic tests.

The monthly Soup kitchen activity has now been extended to a second location, and our Youth and other adult volunteers are participating enthusiastically in these events.

The Pãtašãla program that includes Religious studies, Bhajans, Šloka chanting, dance, music and various academic subjects are now being managed by a team of Administrators that have brought in better organization and communication. Talented volunteer teachers continue to make this a successful Temple initiative.

Last but not the least, our Seniors enjoy their group settings three days a week participating in Yoga, Gita studies, Vedic chanting, bhajans, Board games, as well as benefiting from Health, Finance, Legal and other safety related lectures.