Asana Demonstration – IYD 2016 – Ushtrasana: (Camel Pose) – May 29th 2016 – 3rd of 6 Asanas

One Asana is demonstrated weekly, at 10:00 a.m., in Saraswati Hall, every Sunday, May 15th – Sunday, June 12th 2016, leading to the 2nd International Yoga Day on Sunday, June 19th 2016. 

This week – May 29th 2016’s aasanaa is: 

Ushtrasana: (Camel Pose): This asana pose resembles the camel hence its name.

Technique: Kneel on the ground with knees close to each other toes pointing back and resting on the floor. Stretch the thighs, curve the spine and extend the ribs. Place the right palm over the right heel and the left palm over the left heel.

Duration: Up to 30 seconds

Benefits: Lungs expand and larynx also extends. Helps in avoiding dropping of the shoulders and a hunched back.

See Flyer for details

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