Asana Demonstration – IYD 2016 – 5th of 5 asanas – Sunday, June 12th at 10:00 a.m. in Saraswati Hall – Jãnu-Širasãsana (Head on Knee Pose) Maha Mudra

In this pose the head is placed on the knee and hence its name.

Technique: Stretch the right leg at full length without bending knee. Fold the left leg and press the perennial space and catch hold of the right foot with both hands. Exhale and draw the belly inwards and slowly bend down the head over the right thigh by trying to lie on the knee flat and touch the knee by the forehead. Do not raise or bend knee. Let elbows touch the ground. Slowly raise the head to its former position. Then the sides could be changed and the practice repeated similarly. This posture can be combined with Bhandhas and Pranayama and is called Mahamudra ie is the great symbol of yoga which raises the Kundalini Sakthi from the Muladhara to Sahasrara.

Duration: 10 sec to 30 min.

Benefits: Helps to stimulate the hypogastria and the solar plexus. It helps to cure intestinal colic, urinary troubles. It revitalizes the body and strengthens the legs. This pose compresses the abdominal viscera, loosens the stiff hamstring, lumborum, sacrospinalis and other muscles, flexes the glutei, the psoas major and the psoas minor.

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