Stress Management – Free Workshop “TRANSFORMING STRESS INTO HAPPINESS” by Dr. Sunita Didi Chandak- Sunday, March 20th 2016 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. – in Saraswati Hall

The Temple is proud to present this free workshop on Stress Management by Dr Sunita Didi Chandak as a public service and as part of their Outreach Activities.

Dr Sunita Didi Chandak is an International Management Consultant, and a CEO of her firm Spiritual Quotient Consulting Centre (SQCC). She is known for her engaging, high energetic style, practical wisdom, reality-based thinking, sense of humor and ability to make learning a fun! The power behind her extra-ordinary effect on people is not found just in what she enables them to learn but in what she makes them to “feel” and to “BE” through her own positive vibrations & attitude, practiced profoundly in her life.

About Workshop : “TRANSFORMING STRESS INTO HAPPINESS” Increasing desire to excel, to deliver – no matter what happens, coupled with the compulsion to reach targets, keep deadlines and meet demands are making the hard pressed urbanite walk on high tension wires!

Evidence suggests that workplace stress plays an important role in several types of ongoing health problems, especially: Cardiovascular disease, Musculoskeletal conditions and Psychological disorders.

The bumps on the rough road of life become enjoyable when we insulate ourselves with the shock absorbers of inner power against stressful conditions.

In this insightful and interactive workshop, International Management Consultant BK Dr. Sunita Didi Chandak, Ph.D. through her highly energetic and simple talk and interesting pragmatic examples and activities, vouchsafes our efficacy to retain our Smiles, by unfolding the secret to deal with stress on its causal level!


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