Madhva Navami Celebrations – Flute Concert – Sunday February 21st. 3:00 PM – Saraswati Hall

This program is the cultural celebration to honor Šri Madhvãchãrya on the occasion of Mãdhva Navami. The religious observances take place on Tuesday, February 16th.

Please click here to find out more about the program and the artists of the flute concert.

Šri Madhvãchãrya was one of the three most influential ãchãryas (teachers) of Hinduism. [The other two are Šri Šankarãchãrya and Šri Rãmãnujãchãrya.] He founded the Dvaita philosophy (Dualism) school of thought, where, Brahman (the Supreme ãtma) is independent; and jiva the living (individual ãtma) and matter, are eternally separate from and dependent on Brahman. He advocated pure Bhakthi (devotion) alone, as the path to attain moksha – liberation. He taught to his followers that Lord Nãrãyana is the Supreme Brahman upon Whom one ought to develop Bhakti.

He advocated rigorous fasts on Ekãdaši and established several Mãdhva Mutts. His rules for Mãdhvas (his followers): unconditional devotion to Lord Nãrãyana, study of the Vedas and detached karma. His followers further spread Dvaita philosophy (path of dualism). Saint Šri Rãghavendra Swãmy is by far the most worshipped follower of the Mãdhva tradition. At the age of 75 in 1317, on Mãgha śukla paksha navami (ninth lunar day in the bright fortnight in Jan/Feb), the day observed as Mãdhva-navami, when Šri Madhvachãrya left on a solitary journey North to Badri.

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