Twelfth Anniversary Celebrations of the Senior Program of the Temple on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at Saraswati Hall

The senior program was started in our Temple twelve years ago in the Temple basement and was moved to their dedicated “Senior Center”.

The Seniors have been meeting regularly for all these years, nurturing each other, growing within and forming long-lasting friendships with each other. Some would even readily testify that this senior program practically helped them through some tough periods.

It’s only apt that they celebrate their lives, the program as well as the Temple that has allowed this niche that the seniors can call their “home away from home”.

The seniors are a hard-working bunch with hidden as well as realized talents.

If this, their third annual celebration is anything like the previous two years’ celebrations, the audience is sure to enjoy the variety entertainment program put together by the seasoned seniors.

There will be elected officials who would love to be a part of this as they too celebrate the seniors.

There would be thought-provoking yet funny skits. There would be melodious singing and seniors dancing away their aches and pains. There would be self-deprecating “senior jokes”. There would be short speeches by seniors telling us how much this weekly senior program means to them.

Please come, enjoy the show and feel a sense of pride at this yet another outreach program of our Temple

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