Deepavali celebrations at the Queens museum on Nov. 1st 2015 at 1:30 p.m.

Deepãvali or Diwali, is called the “Festival of Lights” since many lamps and fireworks illuminate the darkness of the New Moon, in the month of Kãrtika (according to Hindu Lunar calendar), during October/November.

This is one of the few festivals observed by all Hindus, not only throughout India, but all over the world. Deepa in Sanskrit means “light” and Ãvali means “row” and so, Deepãvali means “a row of lights”.

The outreach arm of our Temple is taking this celebrations to the Queens Museum so even people who are not familiar with the Hindu culture and its celebrations can participate and understand the Hindu culture a little bit better.

Such exposure is important to build a better harmonious society, which is essential for our future.

Several events are planned for this occasion:

  1. Art Exhibition
  2. Hands-on Diya (clay lamp) painting workshop for children
  3. A display of Deepãvali Festivities
  4. Cultural show of regional dances
  5. Lighting of 3000 candles

Please come in large numbers and make this a grand success.

For the flyer please click here

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