7th Annual Interfaith Unity Walk arranged by the Flushing Interfaith Council – Sunday, October 18, 2015 1:30 Sharp

Recognizing the need for religious organizations to interact with other organizations in order to encourage getting to know each other, The Flushing Interfaith Council organizes Interfaith Unity Walks.
Please join in and walk! Even walking for a short distance makes a big difference in perception!
During this walk, representatives from faith organizations would congregate at a pre-arranged place of worship and start walking to other places of worship, which are also pre-determined.
This walk serves many purposes. The participants learn about other religions; and the hosts make use of this opportunity to educate the visitors about their religion.
Such exchange of knowledge promotes a healthy understanding and acceptance of each other, which in turn promotes good community relationship and general harmony. understanding and harmony is essential for the very survival of our religion and our community.
Planting such seeds of communal unity is essential for the future generations, who will then have a head start and a foundation to build on.
Such walks are useless unless many from each religion participates in this walk and spread the word to those in their faith who were not there in the walk.
Our Temple had hosted this walk before. Please refer to the flyer for the starting points and the other places of worship.
Even showing up for a short time would make a difference for our religion to be recognized as a participant and appreciated for reaching out to the community

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