Volunteering Opportunities for Ganesha Chaturthi

There are many activities which are part of the Temple’s outreach program. You can read about the other committees that interest you:

1. Seniors/Adult Programs
2. Cultural Committee
3. Youth Related Programs
4. Seva & Disaster aid, & 2nd Gen. Committee
5. Community Liaison and Activities
6. Education/Pãtašãla
7. Health & Wellness
8. Interfaith and Special Programs

Major Festival days such as Shivaratri, Brahmotsavam, require a big group of volunteers to help run things smoothly.

Of all the festivals, the Ganesa Chaturthi is the biggest, and celebrated for ten days, attracting devotees from all around. However, the preparation starts four/five days in advance.

Thousands of visitors pass through the Temple and so is a good opportunity for volunteers to get introduced to the Temple and also to volunteering.

Experienced volunteers and staff will be present to give direction to the myriads of tasks needed to get done effectively.

Yãgašãla and Prãkãra (perimeter)

 Preparing the yãgašãla: Preparing and arranging the kalašas, setting boundaries and hanging up posters.

 Preparing the prãkãra (Temple’s perimeter): Tables have to be set up and posters need to be cardboard backed and hung.

 Prasãda needs to be brought to the food distribution area.

 Prasãda distribution need to be done especially on Fridays and weekends. This is a popular choice especially for children.

 Able bodied men needed for prãkãra utsavam on Friday evenings and twice on weekends.

 People with camera skills needed for live-streaming and Temple record keeping.

Inside the MahãMandapam all nine days

 Assisting the priests in assembling and clearing puja items, especially after abhishekams

 Outside of the sannidhis need to be tidied ad stray items put away

 Keeping the mud diya (lamps) supply adequate,

 Answering the questions from the devotees,

 Managing the inflow of devotees, especially during special days and weekends

 Hundreds of prasãda bags (Two apples in a bag) need to be readied.

 People with camera skills needed for live-streaming and Temple record keeping.


 Snacks and Sweets need to be packaged before and during the celebrations.

 Modakas need to be made during the celebrations

 Help with taking and distributing regular orders

There may be more services for which dedicated volunteers are needed.

Please check with the Temple for time and date volunteers are needed, if any of these interests you.

For further details, please inquire at the Temple Counter or call (718) 460-8484 Ext 112.

All organizations that serve the public run effectively with the help of their volunteers. Our Temple is no different. A visit to the Temple, especially during festival days, would enable us to observe the huge number of volunteers efficiently helping to organize and run the events. The Temple volunteer force is the fuel that helps make any event a grand success.

Please use the link below to register for volunteering:

Volunteer at the temple

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