Bharatanatyam Dance by Kainaaz D. Pardiwala

Kainaaz, a uniquely trained and inherently talented dancer will be performing during the Rãghavendra Ãrãdhana Celebrations. The main goal of a cultural show during this religious celebration is to invoke bhakti(devotion) in the hearts of the devotees as traditional dance incorporates Divine sentiments.

The Temple’s culture committee is always looking for talented people who would
perform traditional art forms – be it singing or dancing.

Kainaaz is truly a unique dancer. She is of Pãrsi origin (belonging to the Zoroastrian faith) who was trained in BharataNatyam, which is a traditional South Indian Hindu classical dance. She is a gold medalist dancer who has won several accolades for her performances all over India.

Currently she is in NY’s “The Broadway Dance Center” pursuing other Western dance forms such as Ballet, Contemporary and Tap, and has been performing in a wide range of projects such as Flash mobs at Time square, Choreographers’ Canvas, and Kalaimandir Dance Company.

Watching her dance is sure to be a unique experience for us as she is sure to bring out her training in this unique combination of the traditional East blended with traditional and contemporary West!

Come and enjoy her dance! You’re in for a treat!

Sunday August 30th, 2015

at 3:00 PM

Location: Saraswati Hall

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